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Training is just as important for administrators and scorers as it is for players!

PlayHQ, NZC and Cricket Association staff will be running club & association training sessions to help administrators and scorers upskill ahead of the 2023-24 cricket season.

Register for a Virtual Training Session today by clicking the relevant link below. Contact your local cricket association for in-person training opportunities.


What is a National Virtual Club Starter Session?

National Virtual Club Starter sessions are designed to help club administrators to familiarize themselves with everything needed to get the season up and running and to manage teams, participants and all other parts of the admin portal in PlayHQ.

This includes Stripe, mailchimp, organisations details, vouchers and merchandise, team management and participant management. 

To upskill in your own time, watch PlayHQ Club Starter "How To" Videos.


What is a National Virtual Game Day Session?

National Virtual Game Day sessions are designed for scorers and other "game day" users.

This session includes a refresher for e-scoring including all the new improvements in the platform, and the best use of MyTeams for coaches, managers and captains.

To upskill in your own time, watch PlayHQ Game Day Management "How To" Videos


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'National Virtual Club Starter' Training Sessions

'National Virtual Game Day ' Training Sessions