Female Leadership Development Framework

NZC is committed to developing the depth and capability of female leaders and female-focused leaders across the cricket network, through providing and facilitating development opportunities at all levels of the sport.

The Female Leadership Development Framework is a key aspect of NZC and Sport NZ’s ‘Strengthen & Adapt’ partnership. It is focused on amplifying and enhancing the off-field visibility and capability of females, and those focused on championing and developing females, across the key areas of governance, administration, umpiring and coaching.

Underpinned by our vision ‘a game for all New Zealanders; a game for life’, a key factor to our success is ‘normalising’ female involvement in all aspects of cricket and developing leaders who are capable, visible and active across the cricket network.

Female Leadership Development Framework Initiatives

The Contestable Fund is one of the key initiatives in the Female Leadership Development Framework which aims to encourage locally-led activity, with national support.

Under this initiative, funding is available to Major Associations, District Associations, Clubs or Schools on an annual basis. 

The contestable fund successfully commenced during the 2021/22 season, with ten leadership development initiatives supported throughout New Zealand, and fourteen initiatives to be supported through the 2023/24 season.

Centered around the Hallyburton Johnstone Shield, the Aspiring Female Umpire Development Programme commenced during the 2021/22 season and provides development opportunities to female umpires and bridges the gap between community cricket appointments and domestic cricket appointments.

Now into it's third season (2023/24) , the Aspiring Female Umpire Programme looks to build on the momentum with some exciting new additions.

For more information about the National Umpire Pathway, click below:

National Umpire Pathway

The Pathway to Performance Female Coaching Programme is an element of NZC and Sport NZ’s ‘Strengthen and Adapt’ partnership. It aims to provide development opportunities to female coaches, specifically those who are currently coaching at the community level and have aspirations to develop and move into performance coaching roles. 

Alongside developing coaches and umpires for the next level, NZC is also committed to developing our 'off field' workforce - providing leadership development opportunities for senior leaders across the cricket network.

Over the 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons, a select group of female leaders from across the cricket network have gathered together, with a focus on connection and development.

NZC Emerging Female Leaders Wānanga 2024

Pathway to Performance Female Coaching Programme | 2023-24

Aspiring Female Umpire Programme | 2022 - 2024