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PlayHQ Release Notes | Released

The ability to sort grades list under a Competition in the admin portal by existing columns. 

Increased fields available in Financial reports.

Custom Columns to be displayed in Competition Participant Report and Transaction Report.

Advanced filtering in Competition Participant Report by drop down filters in the registration process.

Multi-Season Selector for Competition Participant Report.

Save Custom report templates to be able to easily reuse.



Merchandise, Memberships and Fundraising has moved to be under the Product tab.

Admins can create Fundraising products, allowing their participants to make a donation during the registration process. 

Admins can now create Products (Merchandise, Fundraisers and Memberships) without needing to navigate away from registration form settings. Previously, they would need to create these via Products and then navigate back to the registration form in order to add it.

Participants registering to PlayHQ have the opportunity to claim and merge duplicate profiles that already exist in PlayHQ.

Participants will now be able to complete the verification step using SMS. This will be in addition to verifying via email. 

Enhancements to e-scoring including:

Over limit reach popup for 2day games

Update "Wides + runs" to "total wides"

New FAQ button which links to PlayHQ's support site

The below options have been added to the game allocations screen:

Undo button

Update date/time in modal

Update venue/playing surface in modal

When setting up custom finals you are able to create a 5 round custom final option.

The actions menu has been added to more screens, including the end of over and wicket screens so you are able to end innings, and other options from this point.

Allows scorers to update the fielder in a wicket without needing to find the specific ball through the scorecard view. This can be at any point during the game and can be for past innings as well.

Final integration developments to ensure that Monstavision and Perinnial scoreboards are fully integrated with playHQ for the coming season.

The ability to have multiple bank accounts for a club or association to take payments through. You will be able to choose the different bank accounts for different registration forms.

Scorers will now be able to record a wicket that is taken between balls. The common scenario is when a bowler runs out the non-strike batter during delivery.

Association admins will be able to manage ground clashes across multiple competitions and associations from the allocations view.

Warns user if the team wickets does not match the number of wickets recorded in the batting scorecard or if the batting scorecard wickets does not match the bowling statistics wickets.

Improvements to the set-up scoring session screen to show the venue, date and pin set-up steps in one screen.

Improvements to the confirm lineup screen before being able to select the toss result.

Changes have been made to update the allocation calendar page to optimise space on the page and modernise the page.

Additional updates to create a new pop up when clicking on the game to provide greater details on the game and organisation details.

Display the match outcome at the conclusion of the match on the public website.

When a permit takes place within the same club association admins will have the ability to turn on auto approval for these permits, meaning no approval by the association will be required. This includes a player playing in multiple competitions within one club.

Display and input of catches, stumpings, run outs and assisted run outs. And display of fielding statistics from dismissals during the Grace Period.

The display of the ball by ball event log with progressive over by over scores.

The ability for additional scorers to easily score the game without becoming the primary device. No scorers will need to be in flight mode or offline and will be able to score without affecting the syncronisation of the primary scorer.

Core focus is on technical uplift across our scoring platform (for all sporting partners not limited to NZC) to better manage active connections and device state management for synchronisation.

Display showing the current over details so scorers don't need to enter the event log.

Ability for a wicketkeeper to be nominated when entering the line-up.

An extension on the feature to allow clubs and team management to add player statistics and details up until the end of the competitions season.

Block games that are being live scored to prevent administrators from entering games and locking out scorers.

Live scores to display on Admin Portal, this will prevent any loss of data if a game has been eScored with internet connection but was not finalised.

Association administrators will have the ability to rollover a competition from one season to another. When utilised, this will create the previous seasons grades (including settings) and invite the same clubs as the previous season.

Season Rollover

Association administrators will be given the option to add an additional round to an existing fixture. This feature allows administrators to easily extend the fixture schedule by including an extra round as needed.

The ability for an organisation to choose if they want their GST number to display on participants invoices.

When viewing matches on the Admin Portal game day page, admins will be able to identify which games have not had individual statistics entered, and if individual players stats do not add up to the overall team score.

PlayHQ Upcoming Releases

Due Late 2024

Due Mid 2024

Due April 2024

Ability to download unique participants

Hide/show columns and advanced filters in the Program Participant

Ability to filter the transaction report

Ability to create a membership report

Due April 2024

Last Updated 15th April 2024