Information for Schools and Kura

Interested in having a Yeah! Girls Hub at your school?
Yeah! Girls is developed by NZ Cricket to provide a dedicated girls-only cricket programme for young New Zealanders.

Sessions are girls-only for 10–17 year olds, and all about giving it a go. Girls don’t need to have played cricket before and your school doesn’t need to have any equipment – our friendly Activators will teach the girls everything they need to know and supply all the equipment needed.

What is a Yeah! Girls session?
Yeah! Girls aims to develop skills in an action-packed environment, with an emphasis on having fun with friends and being active. 

Sessions include drills and activities as well as modified cricket games. They are fast-paced and encourage skill-development and friendly competition in a fun, girls-only environment.

Sessions generally run for up to 60 minutes, but can be adapted to fit into a lunch-time, class time or after-school – providing a new and exciting option to get girls active, while removing the barrier of travel and time commitment outside of school. 

A Hub generally runs for 4-6 weeks, with one session held each week.

Why have a Yeah! Girls Hub at my school?
Yeah! Girls can achieve three different objectives;
- provide students with a new option to be healthy and active
- introduce cricket to your school in a modified and engaging format
- if your school already has existing cricket teams, provide a new format for introducing new players to the sport

Your local Activator can tailor a programme that will best suit your school.

Yeah! Girls is changing the game.

‘Balance Is Better’

NZC supports Sport NZ’s ‘Balance is Better’ approach to youth sport. We want young New Zealanders being active, trying different sports and having fun while they do it. 

Sport NZ’s ‘Balance is Better’ offers a fresh way of thinking for those involved in delivering youth sport in New Zealand. With youth participation levels declining, it’s about creating quality experiences for all young people to keep them active and in the game. Balance is Better focuses on how to encourage participation at all levels and develop skill at the right pace.

Who delivers the session?
Yeah! Girls sessions are delivered by Activators who have completed NZ Cricket’s training programme. Activators can also run a taster session to build interest amongst the students and provide promotional material specific to the Yeah! Girls Hub at your school.

Participant registration
Registration for each participant is required, just like it is for joining a sports club. Registration information is held centrally by NZC, and accessed by the Activator so they can manage the Hub, plan for the number of participants attending and ensure the Hub is delivered safely. It also provides insights for NZ Cricket around the participation of young females in physical activity.

Your local Activator can discuss the easiest options for registering girls within your school.