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Please find below a set of frequently asked questions and answers that have been posed from the cricket community since the adoption of PlayHQ.

If you have further questions, please submit them through the NZC ZenDesk by clicking the button below.



To access your profile, you'll first need to either log in or create a PlayHQ account.

You can follow a registration link provided by your club or school to register. You can also search your club/school through to find their registration links.

Yes you can. You will need to complete one registration per role that you hold within your club. Subsequent registrations are a quick process as the fields will auto populate because you have registered before.

One you have created a PlayHQ account you can view your profile at any time by logging in and visiting the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of the screen.

One you have created a PlayHQ account you can view your profile at any time by logging in and visiting the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of the screen. From there you can click ‘change user’ which will let you see your dependents.

If your club/school has set you up with ‘management access’ you will be able to manage your team through your profile and viewing your teams. From this point you can select your team line-ups and also edit results after the game has been finalised.

A club can set you up with electronic scoring access either by a personal invite or giving you a generic admin address and password. This link has a great video and set of instructions on how to electronically score cricket.

MyTeams is a great feature that allows team coaches or managers to select their team each week through their PlayHQ login.

This is a very quick process where you click on a + button beside the players name to add them to a line up. You can also load the previous line up and remove anyone that is not playing and add new players. You are also able to add other club players not registered to this team.

Just like on our previous scoring application, the scorer is able to select the player when starting to score the match.


You can select multiple Wicketkeepers when selecting the line-up. Every person who has been selected as a wicketkeeper will show with (wk) next to their name on the scorecard.

It is correct that there can only be one live scorer. This is intentional to ensure that there is only a single primary version of the game available to watch online removing any confusion of there being multiple versions of the same game.

This is similar to what you would normally see when consuming live scoring of many sports online. There is the ability to score on a second device, but that device should not be connected to the internet.

Alternatively if there is an issue with the device, there is also the ability to take over a game from a new device and continue scoring where the first user left off.

There is no scoring app for PlayHQ. Scoring is completed through your browser. This means that the experience for the scorer is the same if they are on a phone, tablet or computer.

You can add a shortcut to your home screen for easy access to each of the PlayHQ portals.

Scoring does not require an internet connection. You can download the game when you have a connection and then score it offline. Then when you reconnect to the internet it will upload into PlayHQ.

The most recent online score will be shown on Once reconnected to the internet, it will update to the current score.

Yes it can be transferred. There are instances at games when the device that is used to score a game becomes unavailable due to low battery, software updates or other unexpected reasons.

In these instances the scorer may wish to continue scoring the game from a separate device without losing any data. To do this, the scorer needs to ensure that the current device is connected to the internet and is being live scored (LIVE icon will appear in the top right corner).

From there, log in to the Electronic Scoring portal with the new device and navigate to the correct game. Select Download & Score Game. This will enable you to resume scoring on the new device.

'Friendly' / 'Pre-season' games can be quickly set up in PlayHQ. Once set up, these games can be scored using electronic scoring, and game outcomes and statistics recorded.

Associations can assist clubs to set up such games and in some instances, clubs have been provided with the ability to set these up themselves.

Games can also be scored in a way that statistics are not loaded against a players profile. Associations and NZC can assist with this.

After the match has been finalised a Fill-In player can be removed from the team and replaced with a registered player.

However, the statistics for the registered player will need to be updated in the game as they won’t automatically populate.

Yes you can, either a team coach or manager can do this via My Teams or the admin portal ahead of the game or the scorer can do this prior to the game. The match can be downloaded and prepared up to a week prior to the match starting.

For more information on how to set your team up on game day, click here.

The scoring platform does incorporate DLS in the system. In a game where overs are lost, you can adjust the parameters including the over limit and target score to their be custom or DLS.

At the end of each over the bowler for the following over needs to be selected.

To prevent errors, we indicate who bowled the last over and any bowlers who have reached their limit, however the system does not indicate who bowled the last over from that end.

Competition administrators have the ability to set a grace period and have runs credited to the fielding team if there are wickets within that period.

If this applies to your format but isn’t working correctly, contact your competition administrator.


 Instead of placing a mobile phone into 'flight mode', the scorer can turn off 'wifi' and 'data'.

This will place electronic scoring into the 'offline mode' whilst still allowing the mobile phone to make/receive phone calls/texts.

It uses very little data for scoring a days cricket. It obviously depends on the length of the game but it would be under 10mb.


You can run a transaction report which will show whether the funds have been disbursed and the date or if the disbursement is pending. You can use this report as well as the payout report to reconcile your bank account. It downloads as a CSV file.

You can run a participation report and get a detailed list of participants. You can then sort this information how you would like to. For example - This can be helpful for sorting Juniors into Year Groups when you are allocating them to teams. 

If you wish to just view the information on your screen you can find the list of participants under each competition season.

The best way to do this is to set up donation as a Merchandise product with variations so that participants can select from a list how much they would like to donate. You can then add this product to your registration form as optional.

Other FAQs

Yes they do. The displays have been designed to be responsive to the device they are being used on.

PlayHQ is providing scoring services for a number of sports, including AFL, Basketball, Netball and Cricket in Australia and Hockey and Cricket in New Zealand. The platform and servers are prepared for the significant load that comes with scoring cricket on a Saturday morning.

FAQ's updated June 2023

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