Coaching Courses

Good coaches never stop learning.

By watching others, by using resources via the internet and by accessing a wide range of opportunities for furthering professional development, the path for improvement is always available. Coaching courses are very popular and allow you to meet other coaches and share ideas. 

New Zealand Cricket offers a number of coaching courses which can get you underway or upskill you on your coaching journey:

Other Development Opportunities

Pathway to Performance - Female Coaching Programme

The Pathway to Performance Female Coaching Programme is a national initiative, led by NZC with support and funding committed for the duration of the ‘Strengthen and Adapt’ project.  

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To identify and develop female coaches in each MA who have the potential to transition into performance coaching.
  • To create a larger pool of female coaches with the skillset and confidence to coach at the high-performance level
  • To establish a network of female coaches who can provide support and shared experiences to each other

The Pathway to Performance programme is a six-month programme targeting six female coaches who have shown an interest and skillset suited to coaching high-performance cricket in the future. The programme will provide development opportunities through various mediums and on-going support from the NZC coach development team, and women’s performance team

The coaches in 2022-23 cohort are:

  1. Josie Penfold (Auckland)
  2. Shelley Fruin (ND/Auckland)
  3. Sian Ruck (CD)
  4. Kerry Tomlinson (CD)
  5. Sarah Loughnane (Wellington)
  6. Amanda Hardy (Canterbury)
  7. Kath Clark (Canterbury)
  8. Ella Brown (Otago)