Smash the Endzones | Haukurutia Te Rohe Mutunga

10 minutes
Skill focus
Ground fielding
Level 2
Group size
Small & Large
Two teams play against each other, with each trying to progress up the arena by moving and throwing the ball to get into the opposing team’s End Zone
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • A team works together to get the ball into the End Zone by throwing and catching.
  • The ball must be caught before it bounces.
  • The catcher cannot move with the ball and must throw it to their teammates.
  • If the ball hits the ground or is dropped, turnover.
  • Lob in if the ball goes out.
  • A point is scored if the ball is caught cleanly in the End Zone.
  • Restart from the goal line when a point is scored.

Other details