Smash Play youth-rangatahi

Smash Play youth-rangatahi is cricket for secondary school aged players (13 – 18 year olds). It provides options to play as a team, with a couple of friends or simply challenge yourself. Cricket is no longer just 11 vs 11. It’s all about the challenge, self-improvement and having fun with your friends.

Welcome to the Smash Play youth - rangatahi "Get Inspired" page! Here you will find a range of content from our Youth Ambassadors, created specifically for youth cricketers and coaches of youth!

Level Up
Smash Play Youth Ambassadors 'Level Up' to see who wins. Challenge your teammates or whānau to Level Up, and see if you can beat the Ambassador's best scores.
In the Nets
Join the Smash Play Youth Ambassadors "In The Nets" for some of their favourite training drills and games!
Leadership Deep Dive
Smash Play Ambassadors share their views on what makes a good leader, and reflect on leaders they have learnt from on the cricket pitch.
Understanding Smash Play youth-rangatahi
Game development expert Dr Ian Renshaw explains the key principles behind Smash Play - how the approach takes on board the philosophy of backyard cricket and combines it with contemporary ideas in skill acquisition
Ford Ahead of the Game Series
Go behind the scenes and find out how different players prepare for a BLACKCAPS games. Across the series you will get to see how a captain, bowler and batter prepare to play international cricket.

Introducing Smash Play Youth Ambassadors!