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By NZC Thursday 23 November 2023, 02:00 pm

Read below for FAQs regarding PlayHQ from the cricket season thus far. For more support, head to our PlayHQ Support page.

1. Editing bowlers, batters, value of runs/extras & team line ups?

As a scorer you may need to edit the scorecard while a game is in progress. Learn more about how to do so at the link below. It is also possible to edit wickets through the scorecard view, offering a user-friendly alternative to edit wickets from both innings.  

2. Adding “fill-ins” pre-match? 

You can add registered players to your squad through the MyTeams portal, which can be done if the game is upcoming. If you want to add in someone who is unregistered, you will need to do this through e-scoring and add them in as an unregistered fill in player. 

3. How do I add a fill-in during a match? 

Adding a fill-in whilst a match is in progress can be easily accomplished. Within the electronic scoring portal, click on the team that you wish to add your fill-in player to. Select ‘edit team line-up' and proceed to add a player. 

4. Primary v secondary scorer? 

Being the primary scorer means your scores are going live to PlayHQ, your scorecard is what will be recorded and what people can follow. 

The secondary scorer acts as a backup device. If you would like to take over as the live scorer, you will need to become the primary device. This will bring the original primary scorers scorecard onto your device, and you will keep scoring from where they were last connected to the internet. 

Make sure one of the devices is the primary scorer at the start of play. If there is no primary scorer at the start of the game the scorecard will need to be manually uploaded by your club or association admins after the game has ended. 

5. Selecting team line-ups? 

There are three ways to select a team prior to a match. The method of selecting a team is dependent on both your level of access and the time of week in the lead up to the match. View PlayHQ’s ‘Selecting Team Line-Ups’ PDF by clicking below.  

6. How to get scoring access?

If you plan to score a game, please make sure your club has set you up with e-scoring access, so you can log onto

Get in touch with your club administrator, and they will set you up with scoring access.