Umpiring & Scoring - Resources


Wanting to learn more about some of the Laws of Cricket so that you can umpire your child’s game?

For those umpiring games for junior club or school players in Year 5 - 6 (9-11-years-old) select the Foundation Umpire module below to register and complete the online learning module.

If you are umpiring games for intermediate club, school and/or district players in Year 7-8 (11-13-years-old) select the Community Umpire module below to register and complete the online learning module.

For those of you who have completed the Foundation Umpire module and would like to learn more you may select the Community Umpire module below, using your login details to complete it online.

If you wish to progress directly into umpiring senior men or women’s games, become a regular umpire for your team or club, make contact with your local Cricket Association’s umpiring contact.

To learn more about the Umpire Pathway in New Zealand, click below:

Umpire Pathway (PDF)

How to us the Umpire Pathway (PDF)

Test your skills!

Fancy your umpiring skills? Test yourself out now by clicking below:


Wanting to learn more about cricket's scoring platforms so that you can help at your child’s game? Check out some of our resources designed specifically for scorers, below.

An Introduction to Scoring (PDF)

PlayHQ Scoring Resources

PlayHQ have designed this resource for Captains, Coaches and Team Managers who have been allocated management access. Learn more by clicking below!

Cricket Australia have built a useful Virtual E-Scoring Tool for people looking to familiarise themselves with PlayHQ. Use the Virtual Scoring Tool by clicking below!

This document is designed to guide you through everything you need to know about Electronic Scoring with PlayHQ. Check it out now by clicking below!

How To Electronically Score A Cricket Game