Castle Smash | Haukurutia Te Pā

10 minutes
Skill focus
Underarm throwing
Level 2
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
Playing in small groups each game has a bowler, batter and wicket keeper. The bowler is trying to smash the castle (wickets), which the batter is trying to defend. Points are scored for smashing the castle or successfully hitting the ball towards targets.
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • One Smashie bats, one Smashie bowls, one Smashie stands behind the castle.
  • Smashie bowler rolls the ball along the ground trying to knock down the castle of the batter.
  • Smashie with the bat attempts to hit the ball.
  • Fielding Smashie stands behind the castle as wicketkeeper, ensuring that the ball doesn’t pass them.
  • If the batting Smashie hits the ball, they get 1 point.
  • If they hit the ball past the bowling Smashies cone, they get an extra point.
  • The bowler Smashie is awarded 1 point every time they can knock down the castle.
  • Rotate roles every 3 deliveries.

Other details