Keep Up and Play | Kuru Piropiro

10 minutes
Skill focus
Level 3
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
Smashies take the position of wicketkeeper, bowler and batter, trying to score points by challenging each other.
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Split Smashies into groups of three. Each Smashie group plays on their own arena.
  • One Smashie begins as the underarm bowler, five paces away. Another Smashie stands in front of the wickets, using a single wicket as their bat and the third Smashie becomes the wicketkeeper and stands behind the wickets.
  • The bowler underarm throws the ball to bounce on the full inside of one of two hula hoops.
  • The batters goal is to hit the ball.
  • The wicketkeeper tries to catch the ball if missed by the batter.
  • If the ball goes past the batter after landing in a hoop, the bowler scores a point. If the batter hits the ball they score a point. If the wicketkeeper catches the ball, they score a point.

Other details