Adventure Holes | Haerenga Kōruarua

10 minutes
Skill focus
Level 1
Group size
Small & Large
With a series of islands set up (similar to a golf course), Smashies play in pairs to hit from one hole to the next, taking them on an adventure around the course. Count how many shots it takes to get to each island and try to improve your best score
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Set up a series of islands of various sizes (similar to a golf course) with the holes and teeing areas made of cones.
  • Smashies work together in pairs and hit the ball from one island to the next, alternating hitting as they go (each Smashie takes a turn). Multiple pairs can play on the same hole if required.
  • Each Smashie pair to count the number of hits for each hole.
  • Self-challenge on the same hole if Smashies want to measure their progress.

Other details