Super Stars | Ngā Whetū Rongonui

10 minutes
Skill focus
Overarm bowling
Level 1
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
Develop the movement of overarm bowling by being a ‘star’.
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Smashies start holding a ball at a start line with another line 5-10 metres away and two target lines or objects beyond that.
  • On the call of ‘go’ Smashies can move forward towards the next line.
  • Shout ‘super’ to get the Smashies to jump into a side-on ‘star shape’ with the ball in their outside hand and other hand facing forward.
  • If any Smashies do not get into a star shape within the allocated time they go back to the start line.
  • Once they reach the Shooting Star line, they jump into a star shape and shoot their star (the ball) with a straight arm (call out ‘shooting star’ for the Smashies to know when to release the ball).

Other details