Rock 'n' Roll | Toka Pīrori

10 minutes
Skill focus
Underarm throwing
Level 1
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
With a colourful series of targets set-up, Smashies play in pairs with one rolling the ball towards a target and their partner waiting to field the ball. Each pair moves around the targets, a timed game can be used for self-challenge and improvement
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Create a colourful environment of targets using space as required.
  • Targets are spaced at a range of distances to cater for different abilities within the group.
  • Smashies are to work in pairs, with one Smashie rolling the ball towards the first target, and the second Smashie waiting behind the target gathers the ball. The ball gatherer then rolls from the first target towards a second target of their choice.
  • Each target hit scores a point.
  • The ball must be rolled along the ground with one step towards the target allowed.
  • The game can be timed to find a winner, or played twice to allow self-challenge for Smashie pairs

Other details