Battleship Challenge | Wero o Te Waka Riri

10 minutes
Skill focus
Level 1
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
Playing in teams, Smashies throw their ball over the Forbidden Ocean and attempt to hit the opposition team’s battleships. The challenge is to be the first to sink all three battleships!
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Before the game begins, each Smashie team must draw their 3 ships on a paper grid replica. Paper grid is handed in to game leader.
  • When the game begins, each Smashie team must form a circle (standing at least an arm’s distance), with the “Super Smashie” standing in the middle of the circle.
  • The Smashie team must each throw and catch the ball until it has been touched by all, ending with the Super Smashie.
  • If the ball is dropped then the throwing / catching starts again.
  • When all catches are completed, the Super Smashie makes their way up to the edge of the “Forbidden Ocean” and tosses the ball into the oppositions grid.
  • Wherever the ball bounces that grid has been “attacked”. If there is a ship on that grid, the game leader shouts out “ship sunk!”.
  • The first team to sink all 3 enemy ships is the winning team.
  • As the Super Smashie tosses the ball into the grid, all other Smashies rotate around the circle, with a new Super Smashie in the middle of the circle.

Other details