Rollerplay | Tākaro Pīrori

10 minutes
Skill focus
Ground fielding
Level 1
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
Playing in pairs, Smashies try to roll the ball through the gate their partner is defending. Each roll through the gate scores a point. Who can be the best gate keeper and stop the most rolls?
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Using cones set up a target ‘gate’ opposite each other.
  • Smashies try to roll the ball past their Smashie partner (the gatekeeper) and through the gate.
  • The gatekeeper must keep their feet between the cones. It is their task to stop the ball before it goes past them.
  • A point is scored if the Smashie rolls the ball and goes past the gatekeeper, and through the gate.
  • The ball must be rolled along the ground (one step towards the target is allowed).
  • The Smashie then returns the ball as the roller, attempting to score their own point, with the original Smashie becoming the gatekeeper.
  • Play to score the most points out of 10 rolls each.

Other details