Meteor Smash | Haukurutia Te Matakokiri

5 minutes
Skill focus
Level 1
Group size
Small & Large
A meteor (group of wickets) is in the middle of a large circle. Work as a team to smash the meteor by throwing balls at it. Smashies move to retrieve balls and keep throwing, until the meteor is smashed (all the wickets have fallen).
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Smashies start behind the circle area of cones holding balls and / or bean bags.
  • Target wickets are set up scattered throughout the circle at an appropriate distance.
  • Smashies throw their ball and try to hit the wickets down.
  • Smashies need to watch out for balls coming from all angles (backing up). Once they gather a ball they have another turn at trying to hit the wickets. Play is a continuous process.

Other details