Smashies Shuffle | Haukurutia Te Kokiri

10 minutes
Skill focus
Level 2
Group size
Small & Large
Smashies move (shuffle) their way through a busy arena of obstacles, being careful not to touch any. Once through the arena, they throw their ball to try and knock down the wickets. Lots of movement, energy and accuracy needed!
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Lay out cones or other objects randomly within a marked out square.
  • Set up target wickets an appropriate distance away from one side of the square.
  • Smashies collect balls or bean bags from one side moving through the square without touching the cones, and then try to knock down the wickets on the other side.
  • If Smashies touch a cone, they have to return to the start and begin again.
  • Smashies can self-score - 1 point if they make it to the end of the square without touching a cone, 2 points if they can make it through the cones and also hit the wickets at the end.
  • Have Whānau as helpers field the balls being thrown at the wickets.

Other details