Junk Yard Smash | Haukurutia Te Para

10 minutes
Skill focus
Level 1
Group size
Small, Large & at Home
With a series of gate targets set up to create a junk yard, Smashies hit balls towards the junk (cones and other equipment). Every junk gate hit through scores a point.
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Smashies have a bat (or racquet), a minimum of 2-3 balls and a batting tee each (the more balls the better).
  • Smashies hit the ball through gate targets to score points.
  • The number of Smashies hitting is only limited by the equipment (no fielders, everyone bats at the same time, then collects their number of balls).
  • If there are a limited number of bats, Smashies can work in pairs with one as the supporter whilst the other hits.

Other details