Make a Move & Play | Kōnuku Tākaro

5 minutes
Skill focus
Level 1
Group size
Small & Large
A game for Smashies to explore movement and ball skills, including catching and throwing. An energetic game with lots of movement.
Setup, Equipment & Instructions
  • Every Smashie has a ball (or bean bag).
  • Smashies are to continuously move around the area.
  • Instruct Smashies to try different skills with their ball, for example; little catch, bounce and catch, eye level catch, place ball on the ground and pick up.
  • Encourage the Smashies to move in different ways while trying the different skills, for example; hopping, skipping or jumping.
  • Smashies can join as pairs and work with their partner to bounce and catch the ball between them, this can be done either statically or while moving.
  • Be imaginative with movement instructions, for example; move like a frog, move like a rabbit.

Other details